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Why we’re here

Whenever we create CO2 emissions, we should commit to removing at least an equal amount from the atmosphere. 

This should be an automatic, natural part of our everyday lives, and for that we need a system. 

This is why Compensate exists.

Compensate is a nonprofit on a mission to combat climate change by making every consumer and corporate decision a step towards carbon negativity. 

We are building a carbon marketplace built on full transparency and integrity, setting a new standard for the carbon market industry. As a result, climate action and responsibility become a part of our everyday lives and we can enable the larger systemic change required to combat climate change.

This is our promise: Everything we do contributes to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Together, we can create a carbon negative future.

Who’s responsible for the atmosphere?


Climate change is everyone’s responsibility and stopping it the most important task of our time.

We need more ambitious politics, responsible companies, and solutions for individuals to fight climate change.

Reducing our carbon emissions is the primary way to fight climate change. But it is not enough. The excess carbon dioxide must be removed from the atmosphere.

Compensate empowers individuals and businesses to act on precisely that.

Who we are

A nonprofit climate startup building easy access to the highest quality carbon capture. Compensate combines both the nonprofit and the startup mindset. Our scalable business model ultimately serves people, and the Earth.

The Compensate team and its advisers include climate change experts, business leaders, tech entrepreneurs, communications professionals, and an independent panel of world-renowned scientists. 

Compensate offers a variety of solutions to help businesses take responsibility and action for the climate.

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