Our story

Like many great ideas born in the North, this story begins in a wooden sauna. A friend asked Antero Vartia a simple question: How many trees does it take to compensate for the emissions of an oil barrel?

The right answer? 

About one and a half grown trees.

Antero’s guess was way off, but this made him realize the vast potential of tree-based carbon capture. Despite countless efforts to mitigate climate change, there were no tools for individuals to take responsibility and action for the climate in their daily lives. Antero joined forces with founding members Larissa Leppänen and Minna Kaitala, and soon, in the record-breaking heat of summer 2018, Compensate was born.

Compensate is a nonprofit on a mission to combat climate change by offering people ways to offset the emissions of everyday life. Compensate sets a price for the damage we cause, makes visible the climate impact of the goods and services we use, and empowers everyone to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than our activities create. When we know more, we’re able to think twice and choose wisely. And that way, we can truly revolutionize our daily habits and build a sustainable future.

This is our promise: Everything we do contributes to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Together, we can create a carbon negative future.

When people lead the way, companies, policies and systemic change will follow. 

Our slogan

Every purchase decision is a climate action


Our daily lives cause unavoidable emissions, but when choosing to compensate, our every purchase decision can become climate action.

Climate change is everyone’s responsibility and stopping it the most important task of our time. We need more ambitious politics, responsible companies, and solutions for individuals to fight climate change. Let’s become carbon negative now.

Who we are

A nonprofit climate startup, combating climate change by offering people ways to offset the emissions of everyday life. We are a purpose lead brand on a mission, searching for the most sustainable and efficient way to capture carbon from the atmosphere.

Who we serve

Compensate brings individuals and businesses together to take responsibility and action. Our scalable business model ultimately serves people, and the Earth. As a nonprofit, we’re not here to make money, we’re here to build a system for people to tackle climate change.

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Know more, think twice,
choose wisely

Our manifesto

By empowering individuals and businesses to take responsibility and action, we will truly combat climate change.

Our mission

Radical honesty

Our values

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Minna Kaitala
Co-founder, Chief Communication and Brand Officer

Ari Lampela
Chief Partnership Officer